Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blog new features

As you may have already observed, on the upper part of blog's main page are situated tabs which offer quick links to specific points of interest.

We ve lately added two more topics (see picture below), one regarding offers by airlines and one latest news in brief. Reason for doing so is to not disturb oftenly blog's flow of airlines routes so from now on you can check all latest offers and all latest news in the appropriate pages. Of course, we will keep posting latest news in more detail but in a montly (or twice/month if necessary) frequency.

We would aslo like to remind that all latest news can be found in our facebook page too which in addition serves as a "meeting" place for sharing ideas, opinions etc. 

Finally, we plan gathering all older posts (f.e. 2011 summer routes) in a specific tag called "ZArchives" so that the rest tags keep only newest information and not confuse us all.

Hope that the changes will work out,

Rhodes Aviation Team

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