Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Possible strike of air traffic controllers for Sunday 4 September

Air traffic controllers announced that they will proceed with a 4 hour work halt during the coming Sunday 4 September, between 2pm to 6pm.

It is expected that the civil aviation authority will respond with legal action against the controllers so we will keep you updated.

UPDATE 1/9/11
Nothing new yet, the work halt is valid until now. Tomorrow, Friday, we will know for sure if there is a court decision for or against the strike.

UPDATE 2/9/11
Courts of Athens have declared the strike as illegal and abusive. Therefore, all operations will be normal on the coming Sunday.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Official: Ryanair stops Rhodes for the winter period

A journalist from the nationwide newspaper "To Vima" managed to get an official answer* from Ryanair regarding winter flights to Rhodes and Kos.

Ryanair will continue to work with aviation and government officials to increase the number of connections and inbound tourists in Greece all year round. However, given that our winter program at 160 airports is completed, it will be not possible to include Kos or Rhodes for the winter 2011/2012.

The above statement concludes the issue that emerged a couple of weeks ago. Although it is not our blog's job to judge who, why and how share the resposibilities for losing Ryanair's winter connections, the result itself is disappointing as Rhodes will lack any international connections from early November till late March of 2012. Moreover, Ryanair's next summer plans are still vague so we have to be patient to see what is on their minds.

* Here is the complete story as published in "To Vima" website. If interested, you can use google trasnslator to read the work of the journalist which includes opinions from all the related sides.