Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Taxi strike


---Taxi strike cancelled in Rhodes. More details at the bottom of this post---

The taxi strike still continues so moving from/to the airport can be achieved either by bus (the local bus company has increased frequencies since the taxi strike) or by renting a car. 

You can find the complete bus iteneraries for the whole island here. As far as renting a car, almost all the well known brands keep airport offices as well as some local companies. 

UPDATE 28/7/2011
Taxi strike continues. For tomorrow, Fri 29/7, there is a scheduled meeting between the Minister and taxi owners so we may have positive news. Stay tuned!!!

UPDATE 29/7/2011
No good news from the meeting mentioned above as the two parties did not agree. Thus, the strike is still on according to greek media. 

UPDATE 30/7/2011
According to nationwide media, taxi owners will decide tomorrow, Sunday 31/7, on their further attitude. 
According to local media, Rhodes taxi owners voted yesterday in favor of the continuation of their strike.

UPDATE 1/8/2011
Unfortunately taxi strike is still on though things in Rhodes are quiet. Both the airport and the port operate normally as taxi owners have decided not to disturb further our visitors.
There might be a positive outcome from tomorrow, Tuesday 2/8, as taxi owners have expressed their will to meet again with government officials and find a commonly acceptable solution.

UPDATE 4/8/2011
Since Wednesday 3 August taxis are back on duty in Rhodes as the owners decided to stop their strike.