Having seen recently our material republished in another website, we would like to state that:

You are more than free to share our material -asking for permition is desirable but not obligatory- provided that
a. you credit us clearly as the source of the material
b. you don't have any economic profit from your website

It is very important to us to respect our efforts, we do all the job in our spare time and we don't have any economic profit from it, remember we are just average aviation enthusiasts. Please, don't make us waste our time looking for thieves and ways to protect our hobby, we will simply shut it down.

Having stated our small demands, we finally have to say that if and when our material is seen uncredited and/or aiming in profits, we will be obliged to react and that doesn't necessarily mean contacting the thief for fixing. We regard that we do have all the right to go out publicly and defame the thief.

Thank you,

Rhodes Aviation Team

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