Friday, May 18, 2012

Ryanair drops Rhodes from Oct 2

Negotiations between the airline and local officials didn't result the way the Irish wished so they officially announced the termination of Rhodes (and Kos) planned schedule effective from 2 October 2012 - almost a month earlier than originally scheduled.
Here is part of the announcement:

Ryanair Cuts All Rhodes & Kos Flights From October 2012 As Ministry Of Tourism Reneges On Promotion Agreement

Ryanair, the world’s favourite airline, today (17 May) confirmed the early cancelation of 82 weekly flights to Rhodes and Kos, after DETAP and the Mayor of Kos failed to honour an agreed joint marketing campaign with Ryanair to promote Ryanair’s Rhodes and Kos routes this summer.
Ryanair will now close 11 routes to Kos and 13 routes to Rhodes, one month before the end of the summer season, resulting in the loss of over 23,000 high spending tourists and over €18m in tourism revenues to the local economy, after DETAP and the Mayor of Kos reneged on an agreement with Ryanair to promote these flights internationally. This promotion together with Ryanair’s low fares, would have guaranteed passenger growth and high spending tourists.