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"Diagoras" International Airport is situated on Rhodes west coast, some 14km southwest from Rhodes city, next to the village of Paradeisi. Through island’s road network most parts (towns, villages, resorts, landmarks) are accessible within maximum of 1 hour 30 minutes drive, depending on distance, routing and traffic conditions. 

Some distances to/from major destinations are:
8 km
Pefkos resort
55 km
City centre
14 km
Kiotari resort
60 km
Old Town/Ports
15 km
66 km
17 km
75 km
Faliraki resort
15 km
95 km
Kolymbia resort
27 km
38 km
40 km
20 km
51 km
Tholos (Theologos)
6 km

To/from the airport

Rhodes airport is served by public buses, taxis and private transport companies such as Welcome Pickups while you can always rent a car via numerous companies. 
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RODA, island's one of two bus companies, connects the airport to Rhodes city with multiple daily trips –varying in frequency according to season- all year round. The route starts from the central bus station at Rhodes city center (Averof Street) and via west coast's main road artery stops/ends within airport premises. Trip usually lasts 30 to 50 minutes depending on traffic conditions. Same routing is followed on the return trip to Rhodes city but be careful to catch the right bus (look for buses displaying “Rhodes”) as many buses that stop at the airport then continue further southwest serving villages and resorts and on their way back to Rhodes city stop again at the airport.
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Please note that this is the only public bus route from/to the airport so if your destination is other than west coast's resorts like Ixia or Tholos, you have to switch buses and possibly operator at the central bus station. Keep in mind that RODA serves along the airport all the west coast, most inland villages, Rhodes city and Faliraki. KTEL buses (usually orange coloured) serve island’s east coast, all the way from Faliraki down to Gennadi. 

RODA city buses at Mandraki stop
Bus tickets can be purchased either from designated vendors (kiosks, shops, cafes) or upon embarkment from the driver with a small fee on nominal price. For more info regarding schedules and ticket prices, please click here.  

Upd: Now available via Google Play new free application Rhodes Public Transport. Please note the application includes only RODA buses itineraries.

Taxis at airport rank
The island has plenty of taxis (coloured in plain blue or blue with white roofs) that are available either at designated taxi ranks or via phone call. The airport taxi rank is situated exactly opposite the arrivals hall exits and operates with a first come first served system. Please note that taxis do not use a taximeter as prices are fixed depending on destination. You can see the prices both on the internet and on large boards at taxi ranks. For more info regarding taxis and prices, please click here and here.

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Welcome Pickups, is an award-winning transfer company that goes above and beyond the typical airport transfer and currently operates in more than 30 major destinations worldwide with Rhodes being one of them.

What tells Welcome apart from competitors is the price and quality of service. They offer travellers a unique experience with fluent English speaking local drivers, always happy to explain every piece of information a traveller may wish to know about sights, area, customs and so on. Additionally, Welcome provides guests with the option to pre-order essentials such as sim cards or skip-the-line tickets to save valuable. Moreover, travellers are able to book extra in-destination area experiences with our drivers, finding out more about local sights and culture with ease and comfort.

Your 'Welcomers' are local professional taxi drivers, with high quality - mostly sedan - vehicles, offering high class service, with price as low as a regular taxi fare accessible to an average traveller in contrast to most competitors. All their vehicles are equipped with air-conditioning and an internal communication system to offer fast and flexible service, while ample space in the back provides comfortable transport of luggage.

Special requests like baby seats are noted during booking process to make sure the pickup car is properly equipped for your needs.

In case you travel in a larger group Welcome has a solution too, with available minivans ready to meet your needs.

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Many rent-a-car companies have branches at the airport, varying from well-known international brands to local firms. Of course, you can also book from another company and have the car delivered at the airport.
The airport is easily accessed through the west coast avenue (Rhodes-Airport-Kamiros Avenue) or the Tsairi-Airport National Road. Depending on your point of origin/destination, the former serves west coast towns, villages and resorts while the latter gives you access to Rhodes-Lindos Avenue (E95) that serves east coast resorts, towns and villages until Lindos.
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Road network is mostly old and with limited capacity so depending on traffic driving could be challenging. Do not try to blend in with local driving styles, be extra careful and always oblige to speed limits. Be super extra careful with the numerous mopeds as well pedestrians and double your caution during night time driving as street lights -with few exceptions- are insufficient -or even absent in rural areas- when speeding. In general drive in a defensive manner, you are here on holidays so trying to earn 5 or 10 minutes on your road trip does not worth the risks.
Emergency numbers are 100 for police and 166 for ambulance/medical service. In case you spot a fire you dial 199.

Airport Facilities

Airport management was recently awarded to Fraport, a well known German airport management company. Fraport plans numerous upgrades, some already done and others expected to be completed in a period of up to 4 years.


Airport is a single terminal building with arrivals being handled solely on ground floor western corner while departures served both on ground (check in desks, baggage security) and 1st floor (passenger security, gates). Numerous shops operate mostly on the 1st floor with famous vendors (Burger King, Starbucks, Everest) as well a recently renovated duty free shop.
Terminal also hosts a police station and a medical office while a fire station is located on airport premises.    

Airlines & Destinations

As an island airport, "Diagoras" is well connected year round to Greece's two main urban centres, Athens and Thessaloniki, as well to Crete’s capital city of Heraklion. Moreover, as part and capital of the Dodecanese Island cluster, it’s also connected to all seven islands that have airport. Finally, there’s also a year round island hopping route connecting Rhodes to east Aegean islands of Samos, Chios, Lesvos and Lemnos. For a list of domestic airlines and destinations please click here.

Being a very popular summer destination, mainly for Europeans, Rhodes is well connected to many countries. Numerous airlines with numerous flights arrive from the UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, France, Nordic countries, Benelux, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Rep. along with Russia and Israel. For a list of international airlines and destinations please click here.


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