Thursday, October 13, 2011

Air traffic controllers' strike pending for 19/10/2011

Public and private sector labor unions have called for a general strike on Wednesday 19 October 2011. As far as air travel, there is no news till now regarding air traffic controllers intentions. We will update whenever official announcements are made.

Please note that Greece is and will be on a strike fever till next Wednesday's "big" strike with major disruptions in public transportation and taxis. The situation here in Rhodes is at the moment quiet but if disruptions occur we will try to update on time.

UPDATE 13/10/2011
Today, the ADEDY union announced that the proclaimed 24 hrs strike for Wednesday 19 October will be expanded to a 48 hrs strike, on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 October.

UPDATE 14/10/2011
According to nationwide media, air traffic controllers will participate in the 48 hrs strike of 19 &20 October.
We, though, expect the official confirmation from the unions.

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