Saturday, September 17, 2011

Flight delays and strikes

According to nationwide media, delays are expected for the weekend as air traffic controllers decided to faithfully follow the regulations of Eurocontrol for air traffic. As weekends are always busy with incoming tourist traffic, delays will certainly occur.
Moreover, the air traffic controllers decided for a 24 hours strike on Saturday 24 September as well as a 4 hour work halt for Wednesday 28 September.
Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE 20/9/2011
Although not official yet, the above mentioned industrial action by atc will most probably be declared by the courts as illegal.
There was announced a general strike for 6 October and air traffic controllers will probably join it. In such kind of strikes courts have no authority so if atc joins flight disruprions are inevitable.
We will keep you updated.

UPDATE 21/9/2011
Without any public announcement so far, air traffic controllers decided to participate in tomorrow's industrial action organized by public servants' unions. Their action will be in the form of a 3 hour work halt between 12:30 and 15:30 (local time).
Verified information suggest that the work halt will be valid only for Athens based civil aviation services affecting thus Athens Airport and that all regional airports will operate normally. Mostly domestic traffic via Athens will suffer from alterations/cancellations as well as international traffic from/to Athens. International traffic for the rest of Greece will be served normally, maybe with some delays.
Aegean Airlines (cancellations full list, alterations full list
Cancells: -
Alters schedule: A3202/203 Athens-Rhodes-Athens
A3661/664 Athens-Rhodes-Athens-Milan

Olympic Air (full list)
Cancells: OA710/711 Athens-Rhodes-Athens
Alters schedule: OA706/707 Athens-Rhodes-Athens  
OA870/871 Thessaloniki-Rhodes-Thessaloniki
OA090/091 Rhodes-Karpathos-Kasos-Sitia-Kasos-Karpathos-Rhodes
OA092/093 Rhodes-Karpathos-Rhodes
OA026/027 Rhodes-Kastelorizo-Rhodes 

UPDATE 23/9/2011
The originally announced Saturday strike seems to have changed to Sunday but little luck is given as most probably by today (Friday) afternoon it will be stopped by the courts. Same applies for the work halt announced for 28 September. Please note that it won't be a surprise if flight delays occur, especially on Sunday.

Good news though end here as firstly ADEDY (Supreme Administrative Council of Greek Civil Servants) has called for strikes on 5 and 19 October (ADEDY can't be stopped by the courts) and secondly taxis are preparing for a 48 hours strike during next week.

UPDATE II 23/9/2011
No strike for Sunday as the courts have ruled it illegal. Nontheless, delays should be expected.
We will keep you updated as for next week there is a work halt scheduled by air traffic controllers as well as a 48 hours strike by taxis.

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