Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Diagoras" Airport Network - Domestic destinations (until 30 October 2011)

"Diagoras" airport offers direct flights to 15 domestic destinations. Here is a list of them with the appropriate link to each airline flight schedule.

Astypalaia (JTY): Olympic Air
Chios (JKH): Sky Express (PSO*)
Heraklion: (HER): Cyprus Airways, Olympic Air, Sky Express
Leros (LRS): Olympic Air (PSO)
Karpathos (AOK): Olympic Air (PSO)
Kasos (KSJ): Olympic Air (PSO)
Kastelorizo (KZS): Olympic Air (PSO)
Kos (KGS): Olympic Air (PSO)
Lemnos (LXS):Sky Express (PSO)
Lesvos (MJT): Sky Express (PSO)
Samos (SMI): Sky Express (PSO)
Santorini (JTR): Sky Express
Sitia (JSH): Olympic Air (PSO)

* PSO stands for Public Service Obligation flights. PSOs are funded from the Greek government thus the ticket price is fixed no matter when the booking is made. Please note that these flights are usually performed with small capacity planes so finding seats during summer might be difficult.

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